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    • kelvin michael On 02/05/2021
    Hello guys im Dakota from uk but now in france due to some family problems i just want to share this information with you. Last 5 years i was weighing 350 pounds due to over eating as i was disabled and i was scared of it turning into obesity something was happening with my body i became terrible ill due to my over weight.
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    I dont know how to pay the guy honestly i asked how could help him but he told me that i already helped him. i asked how and it seems he made money after i bought the products somehow like the company gave him some percent of money though. But its worth his efforts though. A very young boy. Thats my success story. if you want the guy i remeber having his wastapp number contact him here +2349054741875 if you have gmail then Thanks i hope you guys see a great transformation
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    • Awoherux On 05/09/2017
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