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Maria Jose Rodriguez PWBA Member & Motiv Staffer

It's the first time you've come to France ?

It is my very first time in France and I am super excited about it.

What is your favorite dish in French gastronomy ?

I can wait to have an authentic French Croissant, since it’s my first time in France I don’t have a favorite dish yet.

As you know the Pro-Motion Tour is broadcast on Sport en France Television (Olympic French Committee channel). What is your feeling about the chances of seeing our sport one day at the games ?

This is the dream of every professional bowler that I know and specially mine. It is something we work toward every day at every tournament we bowl.  

What is your goal on this tour ?

I go to every tournament to win. In addition, I am incredibly excited to visit places I have never been. I want to meet new people and have a great week with my friends in France.

Besides bowling, what is your other favorite sport ?