2000 Bowling Promotion AMF European Tour 

Source: PBA Website, August 31, 2000

PBA Hall of Famer Brian Voss and four-time champion Bob Learn Jr. recently completed a successful exhibition tour. The tour featured events in Portugal, Spain and France. The tour, organized by Bruno Bidone of the Professional Bowlers France Association (PBFA) and sponsored by AMF Southern Europe, featured events in Lisbon, Portugal; Zaragoza, Spain; and Toulouse~Draguignan, France. Voss won the first exhibition event in Lisbon (Learn was second) and, after a day of clinics in Zaragoza, Voss and Learn teamed to win a doubles event in Toulouse. Finally, in an arena event in Draguignan, Voss was defeated by Bernard Chavaz. It is the second TV Arena Bowling Event in France, after the AMF World Cup in 1992 (Le Mans).

Results 2000 Bowling Promotion European Tour:

Stop 1: Lisbon (Winner Brian Voss USA~PBA)
Stop 2: Zaragoza (Clinic day - no competition)
Stop 3: Toulouse (Winners Brian Voss and Bob Learn Jr USA~PBA)
Stop 4: Draguignan TV Arena Final (Winner Bernard Chavaz FRA~FFBSQ)


TV Schedule: November 13, 2000 (9:45~10:10 AM European Time)


Bob Learn Jr and Brian Voss before the TV Show (trick shot time) !


The 2 AMF Lanes Arena Final (Maison de la Jeunesse et des Sports de Draguignan)


Podium Labège: Lavinal, Frouvelle, Voss, Learn, Berrier, Massoneau

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