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Made-for-TV event featured six TV finals in three different cities in Western France and offered roughly 6.000 Euro for the finalists

The fifth edition of the QubicaAMF Bowling Promotion Cup took place from October 5-9 in three cities in Western France featuring six televised finals for delayed airing on Eurosport 2, Angers Tele and TV Rennes 35. 16 players from England, France, Germany, Monaco, Netherlands and Russia, 11 men and five women, were invited by organizer Bruno Bidone of Bowling Promotion to compete in Men's Singles, Team, Doubles and Masters as well as a Women's Team Challenge and a Baker Mixed Doubles.

The men bowled 12 games of qualifying while the women bowled one six-game block with the qualifying positions determine the finalists and the respective Doubles and Teams. Phil Hulst of the Netherlands started the men's qualifying with band as he reeled off twelve consecutive strikes for a 300 game.

Hulst finished the first block with 1345 total and an average of 224.17 to earn the No. 1 seed for the stepladder finals. He defeated Peter Knopp of Germany in the title match, 246-206. Knopp took revenge in the men's team finals when he teamed with Sergey Andreev (Russia), Thierry Barrault (France), Julien Sermand (France), and Nikita Koshelev (Russia) to defeat Hulst, Bidone Tony Regnier (France), Victor Krasavkin (Russia), and Daniel Dol (Netherlands) in three games total pins, 601-459. 

The inaugural women's Team Challenge went to the English-German combination of Kimberley Oakley and Bianca Völkl-Brandt, who topped Russians Daria Voronkova and Alena Korobkova, 580-535. In the men's Baker Doubles, Regnier & Sermand seeded third, tied their semifinal match against Hulst & Dol at 265 and advanced by 60-48 in roll-off. The French duo went on to defeat top-seeded Koshelev & Thibault Larcheveque of France, 208-171, to win the title.

In the Inaugural Mixed Baker Doubles championship match, Daria Voronkova & Peter Knopp flew past Bianca Völkl-Brand & Nikita Koshelev, 229-166. The sixth and final TV show was the men's Masters finals, which took place in Angers on Oct. 8. Julien Sermand, seeded second in the five-player stepladder finals, eliminated Nikita Koshelev in the semifinal match, 200-165, and fired the highest game of the TV finals to defeat top-seeded Peter Knopp, 278-235, to claim the Masters title.

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2014 QubicaAMF Bowling Promotion Cup 2014 features six TV Shows
Eurosport 2 to air the 2014 QubicaAMF Bowling Promotion Cup

Bowling centers in Rennes, Châteaubriant and Angers, France (October 5-9, 2014)

TV Show N° 1 - Singles Championship (Rennes, Oct. 6)
Match 1: Dol def. Barrault, 200-163
Match 2: Andreev def. Dol, 207-157
Match 3: Knopp def. Andreev, 258-224
Match 4: Hulst def. Knopp, 246-206
Winner: Phil Hulst (NED).

TV Show No. 2 - Team Challenge Men's Series (Chateaubriant, Oct. 7)
Black Team (Knopp, Andreev, Barrault, Sermand, and Koshelev) vs.
White Team (Bidone, Regnier, Krasavkin, Dol, and Hulst)
Match 1: Black Team def. White Team, 191-137
Match 2: Black Team def. White Team, 183-165
Match 3: Black Team def. White Team, 227-157
Black Team def. White Team, 601-459
Winner: Black Team with Knopp (GER), Andreev (RUS), Barrault (FRA), Sermand (FRA), Koshelev (RUS).

TV Show No. 3 - Team Challenge Women's Series (Chateaubriant, Oct. 7)
Pink Team (Voronkova, Korobkova) vs. Blue Team (Oakley, Völkl-Brandt)
Match 1: Blue Team def. Pink Team, 187-160
Match 2: Pink Team def. Blue Team, 201-177
Match 3: Blue Team def. Pink Team, 216-174
Blue Team def. Pink Team, 580-535
Winner: Blue Team - Oakley (ENG), Völkl-Brandt (GER).

TV Show No. 4 - Baker Doubles (Angers Oct. 8)
Match 1: Hulst/Dol def. Krasavkin/Andreev, 218-215
Match 2: Hulst/Dol def. Barrault/Knopp, 226-192
Match 3: Regnier/Sermand def. Hulst/Dol in roll-off, 60-48 after a 265 -265 tie
Match 4: Regnier/Sermand def. Koshelev/Larcheveque, 208-171
Winners: Tony Regnier (FRA) and Julien Sermand (FRA).

TV Show No. 5 - Baker Mixed Doubles (Angers Oct. 8)
Match 1: Chevet/Krasavkin def. Oakley/Hulst, 224-200
Match 2: Volkl-Brandt/Koshelev def. Chevet/Krasavkin, 216-194
Match 3: Völkl-Brandt/Koshelev def. Korobkova/Sermand, 197-170
Match 4: Voronkova/Knopp def. Völkl-Brand/Koshelev, 229-166
Winners: Daria Voronkova (RUS) and Peter Knopp (GER).

TV Show No. 6 - Masters (Angers Oct. 8)
Match 1: Hulst def. Krasavkin, 228-189
Match 2: Koshelev def. Hulst, 247-234
Match 3: Sermand def. Koshelev, 200-165
Match 4: Sermand def. Knopp, 278-235
Winner: Julien Sermand (FRA).

2014 QubicaAMF BPC Money Ranking (total 5.900 Euro)

Men (5.200 Euro):
1. Julien Sermand, France, 1.125 Euro
2. Peter Knopp, Germany, 825 Euro
3. Phil Hulst, Netherlands, 800 Euro
4. Nikita Koshelev, Russia, 550 Euro
5. Tony Regnier, France, 475 Euro
6. Sergey Andreev, Russia, 350 Euro
7. Daniel Dol, Netherlands, 300 Euro
8. Thierry Barrault, France, 300 Euro
9. Victor Krasavkin, Russia, 200 Euro
10. Thibault Larcheveque, France, 175 Euro
11. Bruno Bidone, Monaco, 100 Euro

Women (700 Euro):
1. Bianca Völkl-Brandt, Germany, 225 Euro
2. Daria Voronkova, Russia, 200 Euro
3. Kimberly Oakley, England, 150 Euro
4. Alena Korobkova, Russia, 125 Euro
5. Isabelle Chevet, France, 0 Euro