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Lindsay Boomershine - PWBA Member / Storm Staffer

It's the first time you've come to France ? 

Yes, this will my first time traveling to France. I have traveled internationally before in previous years and I have always enjoyed exploring and bowling in new, exciting, beautiful places. Bowling in France was always on top of my bucket list. I’m excited for this amazing opportunity.  

What is your favorite dish in French gastronomy ?

I love all kinds of International cuisine and just good food in general. I love to cook and watch Food Network a lot. My three favorite French gastronomy dishes would be; Escargots, Crepes, and Tarte Flambee. I really enjoy all kinds of wine and charcuterie boards. 

As you know the Pro-Motion Tour is broadcast on Sport en France Television (Olympic French Committee channel). What is your feeling about the chances of seeing our sport one day at the games ?

This would be absolutely amazing! The sport of Bowling is near and dear to my heart. It’s been a positive impact throughout my entire life. Any time bowling can be showcased especially on an Olympic level is a great thing for the sport. 

What is your goal on this tour ?

It’s pretty simple, win! I love to have a venue to showcase my hard work, dedication, and talent. 

Besides bowling, what is your other favorite sport ?

Golf and Kickboxing.