Bring a internationally televised EUROSPORT event to your city
Sponsor a Bowling Promotion Tour stop in your market

A Bowling Promotion Cup event includes 6/8 differents nations, local radio and local TV to catch the attention of your local business. Entitle the event with your city’s name. Use airtime including commercial units, in-show features and establishing shots from local landmarks to highlight your city’s tourism in front of a international audience of approximately 500.000 fans each TV shows. Entitled Sponsor fee is approximately €10,000 for a internationally televised Eurosport event. Varying levels of sponsorship are available starting with an entry level host center fee of €2,500 for a Bowling Promotion Cup event. Sponsors packages are also available and all prices are negotiable.

For more information please contact Bowling Promotion Office at to learn more about hosting a Bowling Promotion Cup stop.