2023 Bowling Pro-Motion Tour 
Official Schedule September 15, 22:55


September 18 / BPT Opening Day

18h30 Players meeting and press conference Chateau de la Roque
20h00 Diner Saint-Lô
September 19 / BPT Teams Strike Tour Series

10h00 Departure Chateau de la Roque
10h30 Arrival Bowling le Macao
10h50 Practice
11h00 Match 1
11h30 Match 2
12h00 Match 3
12h30 Lunch Break 
14h00 Match 4
14h30 Match 5
15h00 TV Interviews
15h30 Entertainment with guests (political personalities)
17h00 End of Day 1
September 20 / BPT Teams Strike Tour Series & BPT QubicaAMF Masters Series

08h30 Departure Chateau de la Roque
09h30 Arrival Bowling 868
09h50 Practice
10h00 6 Games Qualifying TV Masters Series
13h00 TV Interviews
13h10 End of Bayeux Stage
13h15 Lunch Break Bowling 868
15h30 Departure for Saint-Lô
16h45 Arrival Bowling Le Macao
17h20 Practice
17h30 Match 1
18h00 Match 2
18h30 Match 3
19h00 Match 4
19h30 Match 5
20h00 TV Interviews & Entertainment with guests (political personalities)
20h30 End of Saint-Lô Stage
September 21 / BPT QubicaAMF Masters Series

10h30 Departure Chateau de la Roque
12h15 Arrival Rennes Alma Center
13h45 Practice
14h00 6 Games Qualifying TV Masters Series
17h00 TV Interviews
17h30 Break
19h15 Pro-Am with the local club 2 Games
20h15 Lunch Break Snaking
20h45 Practice with the local club & Gala Match with TV Rennes
21h45 End of Rennes Stage
September 22 / BPT Exhibition Day & Public Relation

10h00 Departure IBIS Hotel Cesson
11h00 Arrival Castel of Chateaubriant & Visit
11h45 Reception at the town hall & TV Interviews
12h15 Lunch Break Downtown City
14h00 Exhibtion Bowling Center of Chateaubriant
16h00 TV Interviews
16h30 Travel to Angers Hotel Kyriad
17h30 Break Hotel
19h15 Travel to Redbowl Center
19h30 Arrival to Redbowl
20h00 Match beetween Number 1 and Number 2 of the 12 Games of Qualifying
20h30 Exhibition & Pro-Am with the local club 
21h30 TV Interviews & Entertainment with guests (political personalities)
21h45 End of Exhibition Day
September 23 / BPT Teams Strike Tour Series

08h45 Departure Angers Hotel Kyriad
10h15 Arrival Skybowl Center
10h50 Practice
11h00 Match 1
11h30 Match 2
12h00 Match 3
12h30 Match 4
13h00 Match 5
13h30 TV Interviews
13h50 Lunch Break
15h00 Travel IBIS Poitiers / Fontaine le Comte
16h15 Arrival IBIS Hotel Poitiers Sud
September 24 / BPT QubicaAMF Masters Series

09h20 Departure IBIS Hotel Poitiers Sud
09h30 Arrival Bowling la Sphere
09h50 Practice
10h00 6 Games Qualifying TV Masters Series
13h00 TV Interviews
13h30 End of the day
20h00 TV Installation & Test
23h30 TV End of Test
September 25 / TV Production 12 Matches Day 1

09h00 TV Installation & Test Day 2
10h30 TV End of Test
11h30 Round 1 Masters / 16 VS 15
12h00 Round 2 Masters / Winner Round 1 VS 14
12h30 Round 3 Masters / Winner Round 2 VS 13
13h00 Lunch Break
14h00 Round 4 Masters / Winner Round 3 VS 12
14h30 Round 5 Masters / Winner Round 4 VS 11
15h00 Round 6 Masters / Winner Round 5 VS 10
15h30 TV Break 30 minutes
16h00 1/4 Final Mixed Doubles
16h30 1/2 Final Mixed Doubles
17h15 TV Break 15 minutes
17h30 1/4 Final 1 Teams Strike Tour Series
18h00 1/4 Final 2 Teams Strike Tour Series
18h30 1/2 Final 1 Teams Strike Tour Series
19h00 1/2 Final 2 Teams Strike Tour Series
19h30 End of TV Day 1
September 26 / TV Production 12 Matches Day 2

09h45 TV Test
10h30 Round 7 Masters / Winner Round 6 VS 9
11h00 Round 8 Masters / Winner Round 7 VS 8
11h30 Round 9 Masters / Winner Round 8 VS 7
12h00 Round 10 Masters / Winner Round 9 VS 6
12h30 Lunch Break
13h30 Round 11 Masters / Winner Round 10 VS 5
14h00 Round 12 Masters / Winner Round 11 VS 4
14h30 1/4 Final Masters 
15h00 1/2 Final Masters
15h30 Final Masters 2 Games Total
16h30 TV Break 20 minutes
17h00 Final Mixed Doubles
17h30 Final Teams Strike Tour Series
18h00 Closing ceremony and protocol
18h30 End of the 2023 Bowling Pro-Motion Tour
September 27


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