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Valentin Saulnier of France and Senior Team USA member Lucy Sandelin won the men's and women's Masters finals to cap off the 2015 QubicaAMF Bowling Promotion Cup Tour on Saturday, Nov. 7. The sixth edition of the made-for-TV Tour was contested from Nov. 2-7 in bowling centers in four cities in France, Bowling Skittle in Chateaubriant, Silverbowl in Angers, Bowling Le Belem in Dinan and Extra Bowl in Ballainvilliers.

Each stage of the QubicaAMF BPC Tour, which featured men's and women's Team, Doubles, Singles and Masters competition, will air on French television networks and on the internet free of charge. Saulnier, who averaged 220.88 for 18 qualifying games to earn the No. 2 seed for the men's stepladder finals, ousted Keith Cipielewski, USA, in the semi-final match, 207-196, and then flew past tournament leader Magnus Johnson (225.94) of Sweden, 276-190, to wrap up the men's title. Sandelin a multiple World Senior Champion, averaged 215.61 and had to sit and wait for her opponent in the women's title match. Her fellow countrywoman Beth Owen-Cipielewski eliminated Amandine Richard of France, 245-192, and Malta's Sue Abela, 204-199, before falling to Sandelin, 216-211. 

The five-day competition kicked off with the Team Challenge at Bowling Skittle in Chateaubriant. Players were seeded into three women's teams of four and two five-player men's teams. Team France featuring Betty Auguy, Gwen Hugon, Lauriane Celié and Alexandra Lopes defeated Team Sirius in a two-game Baker-format match, 369-353. The Baker format requires players to alternate frames in a game to combine for one score. The men's Team challenge was decided in best-of-two games format. Team Orion swept Team Mercury, two-games-to-none (219-184, 215-160) to claim the title. Action then shifted to Doubles at Silverbowl in Angers.

After six individual games of qualifying, which also counted towards the Masters qualifying. The top qualifier was seeded No. 1 and had to bowl with lowest qualifier, the No. 2 qualifier was seeded second and bowled with second-lowest qualifier, and so on. The stepladder matches were contested in Baker-style.Second-seeded Valentin Saulnier & Maurice Lesourd of France topped qualifying leader Alexander Johansson of Sweden and Victor Krasavkin of Russia, 229-202, to win the men's title, while top-seeded Lucy Sandelin teamed with Julia Ivleva of Russia to defeat Sue Abela and Bulgaria's Marina Stefanova for the women's title, 203-179.

The Singles event was staged at Bowling Le Belem in Dinan. The top five men and the top 4 women after another six-game qualifying block advanced to the TV finals. Alexander Johansson of Sweden, who average 209 to earn the No. 5 seed for the men's finals, defeated three Frenchmen, Valentin Saulnier, Julien Sermand and Jerome Durupt, before he edged top-seeded Magnus Johnson (250.66 avg.) in a high-scoring title match, 248-247. 

Sandelin, who outaveraged Amandine Richard by 22.5 pins to earn the women's No. 1 seed, stopped Mariana Meteksinova's run at the title, defeating the No. 4 seed, 191-179. The third and last six-game qualifying round at Extra Bowl in Ballainvilliers determined the top 5 men and the top 4 women, who advance to the Masters finals. Magnus Johnson, who earned the top seed by averaging 225.94 for 18 games, led the men in earnings with 1.000 Euro, while Sandelin, who led the women with 215.61 average and earned her third No. 1 seed, walked away with total prize money of 987,50 Euro.

2015 QubicaAMF Bowling Promotion Cup Tour - Masters Results

Extra Bowl in Ballainvilliers, France (Nov. 6 & 7, 2015)

Men's Finals:
Match 1: Cipielewski def. Sermand, 211-168
Match 2: Cipielewski def. Johansson, 224-200
Semi-final: Saulnier def. Cipielewski, 207-196
Championship: Saulnier def. Johnson, 276-190

Women's Finals:
Match 1: Owen-Cipielewski def. Richard, 245-192
Semi-final: Owen-Cipielewski def. Abela, 204-199
Championship: Sandelin def. Owen-Cipielewski, 216-211

2015 QubicaAMF Bowling Promotion Cup Tour - Singles Results

Bowling Le Belem in Dinan, France (Nov. 4, 2015)

Men's Finals:
Match 1: Johansson def. Saulnier, 233-215
Match 2: Johansson def. Sermand, 268-182
Semi-final: Johansson def. Durupt, 235-183
Championship: Johansson def. Johnson, 248-247

Women's Finals:
Match 1: Meteksinova def. Abela, 206-191
Semi-final: Meteksinova def. Richard, 175-167
Championship: Sandelin def. Meteksinova, 191-179

2015 QubicaAMF Bowling Promotion Cup Tour - Doubles Results

Silverbowl in Angers, France (Nov. 3, 2015)

Men's Finals:
Match 1: Bidone-Sear def. Andreev-Johnson, 190-145
Match 2: Cipielewski-Sermand def. Bidone-Sear, 203-189
Semi-final: Lesourd-Saulnier def. Cipielewski-Sermand, 191-188
Championship: Lesourd-Saulnier def. Johansson-Krasavkin, 229-202

Women's Finals:
Match 1: Holgersson-Owen-Cipielewski def. Meteksinova-Richard, 256-160
Semi-final: Stefanova-Abela def. Holgersson-Owen-Cipielewski, 204-157
Championship: Ivleva-Sandelin def. Stefanova-Abela, 203-179

2015 QubicaAMF Bowling Promotion Cup Tour - Team Results

Bowling Skittle in Chateaubriant, France (Nov. 2, 2015)

Men's Finale (best-of-two games)
Team Orion def. Team Mercury, 2-0 (219-184, 215-160)

Women's Finals (two games total pins)
Match 1: Team Sirius def. Team Vega, 376-346
Match 2: Team France def. Team Sirius, 369-353

2015 QubicaAMF Bowling Promotion Cup Tour - Prize Fund

Men's Prize Fund (5.000 Euro):
1. Magnus Johnson, Sweden, 1.000 €
2. Alexander Johansson, Sweden, 925 €
3. Valentin Saulnier, France, 825 €
4. Maurice Lesourd, France, 475 €
5. Julien Sermand, France, 400 €
6. Keith Cipielewski, United States, 350 €
7. Victor Krasavkin, Russia, 275 €
8. Danny Sear, England, 250 €
9. Sergey Andreev, Russia, 250 €
10. Bruno Bidone, Monaco, 150 €
11. Jerome Durupt, France, 100 €

Women's Prize Fund (2.250 Euro):
1. Lucy Sandelin, United States, 987,50 €
2. Sue Abela, Malta, 337,50 €
3. Amandine Richard, France, 200 €
4. Mariana Meteksinova, Bulgaria, 200 €
5. Julia Ivleva, Russia, 187,50 €
6. Beth Owen-Cipielewski, United States, 150 €
7. Marina Stefanova, Bulgaria, 137,50 €
8. Amelie Holgerssson, Sweden, 50 €

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